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IAGA 2014 + Návrhy zmien v stanovách IMAGO - ASK - Asociácia Slovenských Kameramanov

IAGA 2014 + Návrhy zmien v stanovách IMAGO

Nigel Walters BSC

Imago President.

Dear Colleagues in Imago,

I am writing to inform you that the IAGA in Delphi, Greece will be held over two days from April 26th and Saturday April 27th.
It will be an important IAGA for many reasons. New Statutes have to be formally approved. They have already been circulated for discussion and amendments made to the satisfaction of the few who made any comments.
Each Society has had an opportunity to contribute to this debate and a formal ratification of the New Statutes is expected. Every opportunity has already been given for any further improvements to be made.

Included in the New Statutes is the right for every Society to become a full member of Imago. Imago has already benefited from friendship of Societies from outside the frontiers of Europe particularly the Australian and Israeli Societies. Master classes for cinematographers have widened in scope as illustrated in Vienna and fresh ideas presented on how working conditions for cinematographers can be improved.
On the negative side there has not been progress to report on the Authors Rights issue. Effort has been concentrated on web site improvements, working within Imago’s limited budget. The AFC proposal to modernize the web-site was rejected primarily on the grounds of cost. Shortly after this decision was made the French resigned without giving any plausible explanation. This was unfortunate and regrettable to say the least.
The Board decided last December not to support the manner in which the restoration and archiving proposal of the Czech ACK has been presented. As approval was given to support their DRA proposal at the Mons IAGA the Board expects to justify its decision in Delphi.

I understand the concern regarding that adequate time be found for a meaningful debate in Delphi particularly from those with long and expensive journeys. This IAGA will be an important one for Imago and every effort will be made to allow adequate time for discussion. Please let our General Secretary, Louis-Philippe Capelle know whether you will be able to attend as soon as practical.
In communication with our friends in Greece two days of meetings have now been agreed.
The provisional arrangement is for arrival in Athens on Thursday 24rd of April. That evening will be a dinner with our hosts from the GSC. The following morning early we depart for Delphi to begin the first session of the IAGA no later than 12.00 hrs. This session could continue as late as 20.00hrs although every attempt will be made to finish nearer 19.00hrs. The hotel has been booked for delegates by Panos Stamboglis who is working hard in co-ordinating on behalf of the GSC.
The second session of the IAGA will start on the Saturday morning, April 26th at 09.00hrs and last until 13.00hrs when there will be a two hour break until the third session which will begin at 15.00hrs and last until 19.00hrs.

Transport will be arranged for delegates to return to Athens on Sunday April 27th.
Panos has booked the hotels around this “rough” schedule. Timings could be extended if necessary.
Panavision have promised to support the Master class in Athens which will feature ideally both Phedon Papamichael ASC GSC and Haris Zambarloukos BSC.

Imago is now a Federation of 47 Societies with only the ASC, AFC and China remaining outside this brotherhood of friendship. There is much scope for improvement in future collaboration within Imago and the present Board welcomes your ideas to bring us closer together.

The Imago Board hopes as many delegates as possible will be able to attend this historic conference which will further expand the horizons of communication in our profession.

Yours Sincerely,

Návrh zmien v stanovách IMAGO